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Talk Like a Pirate Day September 19, 2006

Posted by Jim in Fun.

Talk Like a Pirate Day

I think the title says it all.  This site is all things pirate with a translator to boot!


Maximizing your ROI at Pizza Hut August 1, 2006

Posted by Jim in Fun.
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Maximizing your ROI at Pizza Hut at start.com.my blog

I’m still laughing from this one – be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page to see the finished “salad”.  Rules always do seem to serve as a barrier that begs to be broken.  Clearly this guy broke the salad bar single visit barrier!

Pretty much the final say on Ted Stevens’ imaginary internet July 20, 2006

Posted by Jim in Fun, Music, Politics, Technology.
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YouTube – DJ Ted Stevens Techno Remix: “A Series of Tubes”

I had so much fun watching Kevin last night on YouTube I went to look for more today and stumbled across this great tribute to the Senator from AK without a brain.  A little known fact about Alaska is that the state bird there is in fact a Tube.   I did not know that… 🙂

Great YouTube post – How to make a bad movie July 19, 2006

Posted by Jim in Fun, Movies.
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YouTube – Kevin Smith talks about writing Superman

Kevin Smith was great as Silent Bob in movies like Dogma and Clerks (which he also wrote and directed), and lately he’s gotten a great rep for his college talks which are very funny.  There’s a three hour movie of these they play from time to time on IFC.  I don’t think this is from that but it’s hilarious – I’m still laughing about the end.   Anyway this is his hollywood story about his adventures writing the script for the new Superman movie almost ten years ago.   For some reason this video has a blurry translation into some other language so it’s also your opportunity to learn how to swear in a foreign tongue.  Not too bad though… 🙂

Now this is innovation! July 18, 2006

Posted by Jim in Fun, Gadgets, Technology.
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Self Destruct Button

Forget that new NVidia or ATI card this summer!  This is the new essential that everyone needs.  The perfect cure for that pesky blue screen that keeps popping up…

Forget the personal tank – how about a personal UFO? July 12, 2006

Posted by Jim in Fun, Gadgets, Technology.
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C-Quester | One Person > Introduction

Okay, well how about a personal sub?  Still pretty cool and only 55k Euros 🙂

Ask A Ninja: Special Delivery 7 July 8, 2006

Posted by Jim in Fun.
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Ask A Ninja: Special Delivery 7 “Pirates of the Carribean” | Ask A Ninja

Ooh two in one week!  What a treat.  This is one of the best so far.