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I’m not sure that I understand the attraction, but I think I must have this! July 25, 2006

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I’ve always liked the idea of being able to remotely control parts of my car – this certainly looks like a cool way to do that given that my smartphone is always within reach these days.  I don’t know… maybe it’s just the Homer in me dreaming of adventures like James Bond always has. 


Now this is innovation! July 18, 2006

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Self Destruct Button

Forget that new NVidia or ATI card this summer!  This is the new essential that everyone needs.  The perfect cure for that pesky blue screen that keeps popping up…

Why I won’t be returning to Verizon in the near future July 16, 2006

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Verizon Cripples New RAZRs

While I’m on the subject of phones, I partially funded my pricey smartphone with $350 from a class action suit filed against the good folks at Verizon for crippling their first BT enabled phone in much the same way.  Since the suit of course they include a load of fine print to cover their asses.  What a greedy load of bastards these guys are.  Can you hear me now!?

What I’ve been looking at for the last three days… July 16, 2006

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Sleepy Nurse
Last Wednesday something I ate decided to turn the table and try and eat me, so I’ve gotten to spend the last three really nice Seattle summer days in bed unable to move, surrounded by four purring mounds of fluff.  My only link to the outside world has been my smartphone – I continue to really like this phone and I think I like this form factor best as well.  I have an i-Mate K-Jam (HTC Wizard) that has a slide out keyboard, leaving room for a large pda-style screen on the front.  With all the built in connectivity and huge battery life it kept me somewhat online and available even when I couldn’t get out of bed.  Really an amazing device.  Of course I’m already starting to drool over the second gen versions of this phone, but I really want built in GPS – the only missing feature really.

Forget the personal tank – how about a personal UFO? July 12, 2006

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C-Quester | One Person > Introduction

Okay, well how about a personal sub?  Still pretty cool and only 55k Euros 🙂

ShoZu – Nice little Windows Mobile 5 app July 11, 2006

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As I was taking pictures of my dirty drum pedals in the previous post, I noticed a cool Flickr uploader for WM 5 phones with internet enabled.  This is a little app that uploads pictures right from your phone.  It also backs up your contact list as a bonus if you want it to.  Seemed to work fine with my I-Mate K-Jam even though it’s not on the official list of WM5 supported smartphones, so I think any WM5 phone with internet will work.  I uploaded this lovely view of Seattle at sunset I snapped the other day while heading down the hill I live on.

Your Very Own Personal Tank – Popular Science July 11, 2006

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Your Very Own Personal Tank – Popular Science

Now this is cool!  I’d like to see something like this in a SUV as well 🙂

Kevin Schofield – Tour of Microsoft Research (Social Software, Hardware) July 8, 2006

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Kevin Schofield – Tour of Microsoft Research (Social Software, Hardware)

This is a great tour of MS research, particularly the work they are doing on large displays using MEMS.

“Mike Sinclair shows us MEMS (Microelectronical Mechanical Systems — Micromotors). Watch Mike as he explains how he puts up to 10,000 micro machines on one silicon chip the size of your fingernail.

Remember physics class? We love how Mike explains the equation: F=Ma “what happens when you make ‘m’ really small? You can do amazing things if you make ‘m’ really small.” Small indeed. He built a stepper motor that spins a piece of silicon at steps of 1/25 billionths of a meter.

What are they doing research on micromachines for? To build new kinds of monitors that could potentially cover your walls.”